Keridwen the Mouse

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Award of Arms
given by Elffin II and Rowan I,
on 31 March 1990.
given by Reynardine III and …ibhleann I,
on 12 May 1991,
at May Coronet/Investiture AS XXVI (11-12 May 1991 at None).
Silver Tear
given by Bran I and Cairistiona I,
on 10 September 1994.
Lochac Cypher
given by Bran I and Cairistiona I,
on 14 January 1995.
Princess' Cypher
given by d'Gaunt I and Muirghein I,
on 14 May 1995.
Silver Tear
given by Finnian I and Lucrezia I,
on 9 December 1995.
Rose Leaf
given by Alaric I and Nerissa I,
on 15 September 1996,
at Unknown (15 Sep 1996) (15 Sep 1996).
given by Jade X and Adina,
on 7 November 1999,
at Unknown (7 Nov 1999) (7 Nov 1999).
given by Conor I and Isa I,
on 14 April 2001,
at Rowany Festival XIX (12-17 Apr 2001 at Tara Girl Guide Camp, Silverdale, NSW, AU).
Golden Tear
given by ∆dward I and Yolande I,
on 12 June 2004,
at Cold War 2 (11-14 Jun 2004 at Tara Girl Guildes Camp, Taylors Rd, Silverdale, Sydney, NSW, AU).
Court Barony
given by Draco I and Serena I,
on 11 December 2004,
at Rowany Baronial Investiture and Yule Feast AS XXXVIII (10-12 Dec 2004 at J.H. Kaye Scout Training Camp, Heathcote, NSW,AU).
Silver Pegasus
given by Bran I and Leylii I,
on 8 May 2010,
at May Crown Tourney XLV (8-10 May 2010 at Baden Powel Scout Centre, Pennant Hills, NSW, AU.).
Golden Poyntel
given by NiŠll II and Liadan II,
on 10 January 2015,
at 12th Night XLIX (10-11 Jan 2015 at Harold Corr Community Centre).
given by Steffan I and Branwen I,
on 5 November 2015,
at Royal Decree (5 Nov 2015 at Lochac).
given by Rowland I and Tailltiu I,
on 22 April 2018,
at Rowany Festival (18-22 Apr 2018 at Camp Wombaroo).

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