Alarice Beatrix von Thal

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Fix Me Alarice Beatrix von Thal

Award of Arms
given by James VI and Verena VI,
on 5 January 1985,
at Twelfth Night Viceregal Investiture (5 Jan 1985).
Leaf of Merit
given by Rolf II and Lachlin II,
on 26 July 1986,
at Ducal Prize Tournament (26-27 Jul 1986 at Santa Rosa, CA).
Court Barony
given by Stephen II and Sariya II,
on 4 October 1987,
at Spring Coronet Tourney (3-5 Oct 1987).
Rose Leaf
given by Valerian I and Rowena I,
on 22 April 1989,
at Surprise Weapons Tourney & Feast (22 Apr 1989 at Parramatta Park / Parramatta Masonic Hall, Parramatta NSW).
Grant of Arms
given by Phillip and Linda,
on 31 August 1991,
at Spring Coronet (31 Aug - 1 Sep 1991 at Maitland Town Hall, Maitland / Speers Point East Public School, Warners Bay NSW).
given by Fabian III and Brynn I,
on 11 April 1998,
at Rowany Festival XVI (9-13 Apr 1998 at Tara Girl Guide Camp, Silverdale, NSW).
Roman Lilies
given by Gui I and Ælfled I,
on 13 April 2001,
at Rowany Festival XIX (12-17 Apr 2001 at Tara Girl Guide Camp, Silverdale, NSW, AU).
Silver Nib
given by Fabian V and Susan,
on 28 July 2001,
at West Kingdom Arts and Sciences Tourney (27-29 Jul 2001 at USA).
given by Steffan I and Branwen I,
on 5 November 2015,
at Royal Decree (5 Nov 2015 at Lochac).

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