Francesca Cellini

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Fix Me Francesca Cellini

Award of Arms
given by Reynardine I and Marguerité I,
on 26 August 1986.
Silver Tear
given by Haos I and Bryony I,
on 7 October 1990.
Leaf of Merit
given by Phillip and Linda,
on 4 December 1991.
Royal Cypher
given by Aylwin I and Ingerith I,
on 2 January 1993.
Roman Lilies
given by John I and Gabriel I,
on 20 February 1993.
Rose Leaf
given by Fabian I and Cyneswith I,
on 13 November 1993.
given by Jade VIII and Juana,
on 30 November 1996.
Royal Cypher
given by Steffan I and Branwen I,
on 16 January 2016,
at 12th Night Coronation (15-17 Jan 2016 at Waipara Boys Brigade Camp, 137 Darnley Road, Waipara, New Zealand).
given by ThorolfR I and Halla I,
on 26 November 2016,
at Fields of Gold V (25-27 Nov 2016 at Bungendore Showground, Bungendore NSW).

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