Bryony Beehyrd

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Fix Me Bryony Beehyrd

Award of Arms
given by Thomas and Trista,
on 20 March 1983.
Leaf of Merit
given by James VI and Verena VI,
on 26 August 1984.
Grant of Arms
given by James VII and Verena VII,
on 10 May 1986.
Silver Tear
given by Reynardine I and Marguerité I,
on 3 January 1987.
given by William III and Joanne II,
on 18 April 1987.
given by Elffin III and Keridwen I,
on 6 January 1991.
Princess' Cypher
given by Reynardine III and Éibhleann I,
on 31 August 1991.
Roman Lilies
given by Kane I and Rhianwen I,
on 23 November 1991.
Rose Leaf
given by Jade VI and Shaheena II,
on 5 August 1992.
Royal Cypher
given by Gerald I and Alisaundre I,
on 5 September 1992.
Prince's Cypher
given by Finnian I and Lucrezia I,
on 6 January 1996.
Silver Nib
given by Gui I and Ælfled I,
on 28 April 2001,
at Bayersche Neckerschmause Royal Visit and German Feast (28 Apr 2001 at St Theodore’s Anglican Church Hall, Toorak Gardens, SA, AU).
given by Steffan I and Branwen I,
on 5 November 2015,
at Royal Decree (5 Nov 2015 at Lochac).

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