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Award of Arms
given by Prince Haos and Princess Bryony,
on 10 November 1990,
at Festa Dalla Belladonna Sensa Curare (10 Nov 1990 at Dulwich Church Hall, Dulwich SA).
Silver Helm
given by Prince Haos and Princess Bryony,
on 5 January 1991,
at Twelfth Night Coronet Investiture and Tourney (5-6 Jan 1991 at Bonython Hall, University of Adelaide / The Arboretum, Waite Agricultural College, Urrbrae SA).
Princess' Cypher
given by Prince Kane and Princess Rhianwen,
on 11 January 1992,
at Twelfth Night Coronet Investiture (10-12 Jan 1992 at Wirksworth Sport and Recreation Camp, Bellerive TAS).
given by Prince John and Princess Gabriel,
on 2 January 1993,
at Twelfth Night Coronet Investiture and Tourney (1-4 Jan 1993 at Mornington Peninsula VIC AU).
Silver Tear
given by Prince Corin II and Princess Keridwen II,
on 16 April 1994,
at Royal Progression Feast & Most Chivalric Tourney (16-17 Apr 1994 at Findon Uniting Church Hall / Linear Park, Findon SA ).
Leaf of Merit
given by Prince Cornelius I and Princess Morwynna I,
on 3 September 1994,
at Spring Coronet (3-4 Sep 1994 at Annesley College, Wayville SA).
Silver Sword
given by Prince Alaric and Princess Nerissa,
on 6 October 1996,
at Prince's "Hunt The Sheep" Tourney (6 Oct 1996).
Lochac Order of Grace
given by Prince Ragnar and Princess Bliss,
on 10 January 1998,
at Twelfth Night Investiture AS XXXII (10-11 Jan 1998 at Parramatta Town Hall, Parramatta, NSW, AU - Saturday, Parramatta Park, O'Connell St, Parramatta, NSW, AU - Sunday).
Grant of Arms
given by King Hauoc I and Queen Etaine (The West),
on 4 July 1998,
at Royal Visit and InterCollege War (3-6 Jul 1998 at Macclesfield, SA).
Roll of Honour
given by King Jade XII and Queen Megan II (The West),
on 6 July 2002,
at First Coronation of the King and Queen of Lochac (6-7 Jul 2002 at Queanbeyan Bicentennial Centre & Ray Morton Park, Queanbeyan (near Canberra), NSW, AU.).
White Scarf
given by King Cornelius I and Queen Morwynna I,
on 7 June 2003,
at Innilgard Winter A&S Collegium (7-9 Jun 2003 at The Paddocks Neighbourhood House, Para Hills West, SA, AU).
given by King Gabriel I and Queen Constanzia I,
on 17 October 2009,
at Royal Feast at the Alhambra and Baroness's Championship Tourney (17-18 Oct 2009 at North Adelaide Community Centre, North Adelaide, SA, AU).
given by King Edmund and Queen Leonor,
on 25 September 2010,
at La Prova Dura (24-26 Sep 2010 at Crystal Lake Camp, Macclesfield, SA, AU.).
Royal Cypher
given by King Felix I and Queen Eva I,
on 30 June 2013,
at Bal d'Argent (29-30 Jun 2013 at Hillcrest Community Centre, Queensborough Ave, Hillcrest SA AU et al.).
Court Barony
given by King Alfar III and Queen Angharat,
on 6 April 2014,
at Innilgard Baronial Changeover (5-6 Apr 2014 at Estonian Hall, North Adelaide).
Order of Defence
given by King Gilbert and Queen Bethony,
on 18 June 2016,
at Innilgard 30th Anniversary & Investiture (18-19 Jun 2016 at Malvern Uniting Church, Malvern SA, and Rex Jones Reserve, North Plympton, SA).
given by King Felix II and Queen Eva II,
on 31 March 2019,
at Tournament of the White Pony (31 Mar 2019 at Harry Bowey Reserve, SA).

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