Rhianwen ni Dhiarmada

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Grant of Arms
given by William III and Joanne II,
on 12 April 1987,
at Unknown (12 Apr 1987) (12 Apr 1987).
Leaf of Merit
given by Stephen II and Sariya II,
on 2 January 1988.
Princess' Cypher
given by Elffin I and Talietha I,
on 9 July 1988.
Rose Leaf
given by Jade III and Amanda I,
on 7 January 1989.
Court Barony
given by Geoffrey and Kira,
on 8 April 1989,
at Unknown (8 Apr 1989) (8 Apr 1989).
Queen's Order of Grace
given by Geoffrey and Kira,
on 8 April 1989.
Silver Tear
given by Haos I and Bryony I,
on 4 November 1990.
Princess' Cypher
given by Reynardine III and Éibhleann I,
on 31 August 1991.
given by Phillip and Linda,
on 31 August 1991.
given by Elffin IV and Rowan II,
on 11 January 1992.
Lochac Order of Grace
given by Gerald I and Alisaundre I,
on 5 September 1992.
Royal Cypher
given by Aylwin I and Ingerith I,
on 2 January 1993.
Lochac Cypher
given by Bran I and Cairistiona I,
on 14 January 1995.
Silver Nib
given by Fabian V and Susan,
on 28 July 2001,
at West Kingdom Arts and Sciences Tourney (27-29 Jul 2001 at USA).
given by Gabriel I and Constanzia I,
on 29 August 2009,
at Anealan Baronial Investiture Feast (29-30 Aug 2009 at North Perth Town Hall, North Perth, WA, AU).
Star and Lily
given by Bran I and Leylii I,
on 1 May 2010,
at Baronesses Fighter Auction (1 May 2010 at Edgeware Park & Wardarrah Hall, Lyonwood, WA, AU.).
Augmentation of Arms
given by Gabriel II and Constanzia II,
on 6 June 2011,
at Pencampwr (3-6 Jun 2011 at Wandi Progress Association, Wandi, WA, AU.).
given by Henri I and Beatrice I,
on 28 July 2012,
at Anealan Midwinter AS XLVII (28-29 Jul 2012 at North Perth Town Hall, North Perth WA AU).
Royal Cypher
given by Niáll II and Liadan II,
on 10 January 2015,
at 12th Night XLIX (10-11 Jan 2015 at Harold Corr Community Centre).
given by Steffan I and Branwen I,
on 5 November 2015,
at Royal Decree (5 Nov 2015 at Lochac).

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